Our Story

                                            ABOUT DERSUMA:

Who is Dersuma?

Dersuma Massager has been providing the highest quality massagers online since 2008. We use the highest quality materials when we create our products, such as  Shiatsu Neck massagers cushion and Back Massager Cushion. Our massagers are built for comfort and durability, so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

What is the mission of Dersuma?

Our mission at Dersuma Massager is to bring you innovative relaxation and comfort that you can take anywhere. For massage we use 3D Neck massagers. Further relief from sore muscles, sore muscles and fatigue can be achieved through the even and optimal kneading of the Shiatsu massage.

Enjoy more padding, a hygienic massage experience with removable skin-friendly tissue for full-body relaxation that covers your neck, shoulders, stomach, waist and legs and gets you ready for a new day full of energy.